Social advantages

At DIACARB, our primary concern is the well-being of our employees. Daily collaboration, mutual trust, consistency, team cohesion, communication, commitment, innovative ideas, interactive involvement … All this, you will find it in our community. You will have the unique chance to accomplish, achieve and grow… among a winning team.

✓ Annual holidays
✓ Generous holidays (10)
Uniting and original activities organized by the human resources team
Days allocated for the hazards of life – birth, marriage etc.
Flexibility in work-family balance

Comprehensive group insurance program
Employee Assistance Program
Simplified pension plan

Appreciation of the annual collaboration
Track your professional development
Integration and continuous training according to the position
Possibility of advancement

A dynamic and motivated team
A management team and accessible managers
A safe and family work environment


The group insurance program is paid 50% by the employer after 3 months of service.






Medical Care

For you and your family. Expenses related to your medical care are reimbursed at 80%. In addition, amounts are allocated for the various paramedical services such as: naturopath, psychologist, massage therapist etc.







Dental Care

For you and your family. The expenses related to your dental care are reimbursed at 80%.






Long term disability

For you. In case of an accident outside of work or long-term illness for a period of more than 15 weeks, you are covered at 66.67% non-taxable of your gross salary.






Travel insurance

For you and your family. You will have the opportunity to travel with peace of mind both abroad and in the country. Travel insurance includes several coverages for illnesses or other problems encountered while traveling.






Life insurance

The coverage for life insurance is 1 X your annual salary. In addition, spouse and child are also covered.




Since 2009, DIACARB has offered a simplified pension plan (RRS) to all employees, with a contribution from the employer. This plan also allows an optional contribution, if you want to save more.


Personal protective equipment is provided such as: gloves, safety glasses, masks etc. Safety shoes and safety glasses for vision are reimbursed.

Training costs related to your workstation are reimbursed. In addition, your contributions to your professional order are also reimbursed.


You will be recognized for who you are, for your experience, for your skills. Each year, an Appreciation Gala is held to recognize the work and efforts of all our employees. A day is entirely devoted to you …